Dream Time Spa is a boutique spa in Amirim, situated in the heart of the Galilee. This unique spa center offers its guests truly pampering spa package deals, which include a variety of massage treatments. The professional experienced staff will offer you an hour or two of a very relaxing and unwinding time while enjoying one of the many types of

massage therapies that are practiced in the spa:

Swedish massage: this well-known massage technique is practiced at Dream Time Spa in Amirim. This treatment is usually a one-hour session. It helps relieve tension from aching muscles and aids in the total relaxation of body & soul.

Shiatsu: a massage technique that is part of Chinese medicine & consists of pressing on pressure points along the energy meridians. It is usually a one-hour session and is conducted without the use of oils, while the patient is wearing light clothes. Shiatsu is an excellent technique for the relief of tension and fatigue from the body. 

Ayurveda: this special technique comes to us from India and it is an ancient technique that is part of a vast healing & health system that has been practiced in India for centuries. This is an hour & a half, full body massage session, with warm pure sesame seed oil. The treatment also includes a session of pouring a thin stream of warm sesame-seed oil on the "third eye" – a truly amazing experience!

Hot stones massage: this technique comes to us from the Native American Indian tribes of Northern-America and includes a combination full body massage with warm oils, using the stones to aid the softening & relaxing of sore muscles. It can be either a one or a one & a half hour session & is a truly unforgettable experience.

Turkish Hammam Massage: this is a unique experience in the spa. It includes a full body scrub on a marble heated bed in the hammam room. The treatment continues covering the patient with a "mountain" of pure olive oil soap-foam, massaging the whole body with this foam. Then the patient is washed with warm & cold water alternatively. An experience not to be missed!

GERnetic beauty & spa treatments: GERnetic, the well-known international cosmetic firm, offers Dream Time Spa guests a wide range of beauty & spa treatments using the high quality natural materials of GERnetic.

Dream-Time cocktail: a unique two hours massage session designed by us to give our guests the ultimate massage experience! It includes a cocktail of a few massage techniques such as Hot stones massage, Ayurveda massage, Holistic massage, head & shoulders massage & a session of  "shirodara" – the poring of warm sesame-seed oil on the forehead, the "third eye". All together, this unique & original massage technique is definitely the ultimate massage experience!

Pregnant women massage: this is a professional massage suitable for pregnant women (from 3 months & over) Please discuss this massage with one of our consultants.