Turkish hammam

The Turkish hammam, as it is commonly known, derives it's name from an Arabic word that   means "the hot room" or "the hot wash room". Ancient remains of hammams can be found in Israel, in Hamat-Gader, Tiberias & Massada. In the old days, hammams were usually built near a natural source of hot water, such as volcanic hot mineral spring waters. The hot waters from the spring were used to heat up the hammam room, as well as for washing and bathing. The hammam room is therefore a hot sauna room that is full of steam. It served as a place of relaxation & cleansing then and is used around the globe today, for the same purpose. 


Today, modern hammam rooms use modern means to heat & steam the room, they also include a marble bed where a "hammam massage" is conducted by an experienced therapist. Such is the hammam room at the Dream Time Spa in Amirim. 

The hammam massage includes scrubbing the body with a special natural scrubbing glove, covering the body with a "mountain" of a natural soap-foam & massaging the body with this foam, then, washing the body with cold & warm water alternately.

This process turns the hammam massage experience, into a truly unique experience, one which stands out among other massage therapies offered at Dream Time Spa. It is a truly cleansing experience for body & soul. This massage is merely one of many therapies which our staff specialize in and it can be incorporated into one of our special Spa Package Deals.

Dream Time Spa is a unique spa center in the heart of Galilee that offers it's guests a truly pampering spa experience, an experience that will revitalize you & enrich your holiday in the Galilee, turning it into an unforgettable memory to keep…