Dream time spa in Amirim, was built to give visitors to Amirim in the Galilee, a much needed service, that helps visitors to this beautiful region relax & stretch their muscles, after a long day of touring & sight-seeing. The spa in Amirim was designed & built as a boutique-spa, which means that in a small & intimate space, all the facilities that any large spa-centre can offer its guests, are there for the private use & enjoyment of our customers.

Dream time  is a spa in Amirim that includes all the following spa facilities:

Jacuzzi - A large Jacuzzi hot-tub with some 120 air & water jets, for total relaxation & joy.

Sauna - Large wooden Finnish sauna, with a window facing the forest & mountains that surround the spa, so guests can enjoy the view whilst sweating in the hot sauna. 

Turkish Hammam - A wet steam sauna Turkish style. The room is lined with natural stone, and has a marble heated bed. Our guests can pamper themselves, scrubbing each other with a special natural scrubbing glove & natural olive oil soap-foam & then wash with cold & warm water. Or alternatively, ask for our special Hammam scrubing massage - the ultimate spa experience!

Outdoor veranda - A large veranda facing the westerly aspect, where guests can relax on a sun-bathing bed or sit outside for a sip of herbal tea, coffee, or freshly squeezed juice while watching the magnificent sun setting over the mountains in the west.

Indoor rest area – Inside the beautiful & serene spa main building, you may enjoy a rest on a couch or enjoy some refreshments from the tea corner which includes coffee, herbal tea, cookies & cold drinks.

Meals - Hearty vegetarian meals & refreshments are served at the main building or outside on the veranda, as part of our special pampering spa package deals.

Massage - Among the many styles of massage treatments we specialize in, you may choose to pamper yourself with a session of hot-stones massage, Ayurveda massage, Shiatsu, Zen-Shiatsu, Swedish massage, or a Turkish style Hammam cleansing & purifying scrubing massage. Whatever may be your choice of massage, you can be certain that here in Dream-time spa in Amirim, you will have the best, fully qualified therapists to ensure your total satisfaction & enjoyment.

Only here, at Dream time, spa in Amirim, can you enjoy a few hours of total bliss, joy & relaxation, in a truly relaxing atmosphere, with the most professional massage therapists, all the while breathing in some of this truly fresh & clear mountain air & enjoying the magnificent Galilean views. Not to be missed!

Call us now to reserve your private stay here at Dream time spa, your spa in Amirim & make one of our pampering spa deals, the highlight of your visit to Israel!

Dream time spa in Amirim, is the spa in the Galilee that offers you an outstanding spa experience, a wholesome experience for body & soul…